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Dogtooth Distribution will do everything we can to help our customers with genuine warranty claims. To ensure the customer gets the best result possible we require the faulty product returned to us in the same condition it was when the fault or damage was noticed. Do not attempt to make any repairs or alterations to the product. Make sure that when you send items back to us for a warranty assessment by the supplier, it is packaged and sent as carefully as you would if it was a brand new product. For items like rods, make sure they are packed with protection inside a solid tube such as PVC pipe. Avoid using light cardboard tubes like you find in the post shops as they rarely stand up to the punishment of being freighted and under no circumstances, ever send back an item with no packaging at all.

When sending back items remember to make sure the item/s are clean (if they have been used) and send them back protected, in a box so they do not get further damage during transit. Return postage costs must also be included.

Please note than any items that have been modified, altered or changed in anyway will NOT be covered by the warranty, unless the modification, alteration or changes were performed by an approved Dogtooth repairer or service centre following written approval from Dogtooth Distribution.

Please also be aware that manufacture warranties vary from company to company, some items are covered under extended warranty periods up to 10 years but most are covered for a standard period of 1 year. Almost all items have different situations in which they will and won’t be covered under warranty and many things are not covered but instead fall under a ‘wear & tear’ clause or something similar. Try and make yourself familiar with these situations if possible so as not to be disappointed to find that something is not covered at a later date.

If you would like any further information contact us via email. Dogtooth Distribution does not accept unauthorized returns. If you wish to return an item you must contact us first.